Distractions – The curse of curiosity.

Photograph the hotel not the dog. the hotel not the dog. The hotel – yes. The dog – no.

Doesn’t he look good?

The  Hotel was lovely. The snag was this handsome and poised fellow. He cried out to be photographed.

This is a problem that I’m pretty sure many photographers suffer from. We are by nature curious folk (I know there are multiple meanings that can be implied for that phrase and I accept that they can all apply to me). We are meant to seek out images that others don’t see and so are constantly on the look out for something different.

Most of the time we are looking for an unusual or arresting way of of showing the best of what we’ve been employed to photograph . However there are “Oh, shiny!” moments.  We get distracted.

It may be cats. Cats feature heavily in house shoots. They like to take exception to your existence.

It might be more dogs or it could be racks of cuddly Nessies that look disturbingly phallic…

It could be hens busy and shimmering or slightly indignant donkeys. Even boots enjoying retirement with plants growing out of them…

On occasion it’s a teddy bear patiently waiting on a chair. Or an elegantly thrown cushion, a mortar and pestle sitting on a mantelpiece or even a nicely curly coat hook…

There has even been a block of knives in the perfect light, an antique phone with no one on the line, a shiny red lawn tractor posed just so and the perfectly placed can of Ralgex…

The thing is, more often than not, it’s these images the client enjoys the most. they are the one’s commented on and shared on social media. So then we are encouraged to take more and more. It’s the client’s fault… not ours. Or so we like to tell ourselves.



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