Greenwood Barn

You drive along the same road many times. You see that someone is building a house. You watch it rise. You admire it’s design and wonder what it’s going to be like when it’s finished. You wonder what it’s going to be like inside.

Quite often we get an opportunity to find out. Many houses are built on Skye with an eye for the holiday market. When they are complete and furnished we are called in to photograph them. Fresh out of the box and in perfect condition.

Greenwood Barn is one such house. It is situated on a promontory at the mouth of Loch na Dal near Duisdalemore in Sleat. We watched with great interest as it rose out of the ground and were intrigued by it’s striking design and situation. So when Rosie was invited to photograph the house our curiosity was satisfied.

It is indeed a hugely impressive looking house. Both inside and out

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