Not as painful as a root canal…

With property photography many people know that the better the picture the better the chance of standing out and being booked before your competitors. The thing is – and it’s a big thing – that after having spent a great deal of time, effort and money on their property, and bringing us in to photograph it in all it’s stylish glory it’s pointed out that an increasing amount of holiday rental websites encourage their hosts to provide a profile picture. This is the point that a lot of people then whip out their phone and take a selfie for their profile picture.

Not cool.

Some of us aren’t keen on getting our picture taken. Unfortunately in this fast moving, ever changing digital world one thing that hasn’t changed from the old analogue days is that people still like to see who they are buying from.

Airbnb (Ironically a faceless, slightly mysterious, online giant) knows this and actively encourage hosts to have a picture of themselves for prospective clients to make a connection with. I know getting your picture taken can be up there with a root canal without anaesthetic in the popularity stakes. It is equally wise to get a professional photographer to take you picture as it is to get thoroughly numbed up before the dentist starts drilling.

It’s all part of our service and it’s actually fun, honestly, no anaesthetic needed.  Here are some of our past portraits, in which not one of the subjects cried with pain, flinched or ran away. Some of them actually enjoyed it. Actually, full disclosure; the only ones who didn’t enjoy getting their picture taken were the ladies in the last picture.They wanted their lunch. Funnily enough when photographing award events most people are keen to be photographed holding their hard won prize so that’s relatively easy. Some people are constantly photographed and can efficiently knock off a series of appropriate poses with aplomb, which is good for getting the job done but always makes me want to take them out of that well honed comfort zone they are in. Conversely for those who are not keen on being photographed a comfort zone is what I try to create as quickly as possible. The important thing is to come out of it with a photograph that the client likes. The proof is seeing your photograph shared on social media or, and this is the ultimate satisfaction, used as a profile image.

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