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When I was asked  if I was available to photograph a Jaguar “somewhere scenic” my first question was

“You mean the car?”

Not that I was adverse to photographing a large South American apex predator. I would have a different logistical approach to the cat compared to the car… body armour, tranquilliser guns, running shoes etc in preference to lights, diffuser hoods, reflectors and the like. I would still be right up for it though, if anybody wants me to… Anyway, it was the car, obviously.

I was being asked to help with the creation of Skye Luxury Tours new website. They provide luxury tours… of Skye…. I feel like I’m just rearranging the company’s name… in a Jaguar.

Arrangements were made. Plans were formulated. A location was agreed. Everything depended on the weather and for once the Skye weather played ball. On the day of the shoot the clouds were picturesque and the sun shone.

My family have an affinity with Jaguars. Well, my father more than me. He owned a garage. Which meant we had many, many different cars. What he loved the most were Jaguars. I grew up sliding about on the lovely leather of the back seat of quite a few different Jags. mainly burgundy ones. He liked them in that colour. All I wanted was to drive one some day. Soon after I passed my driving test I was devastated when my Dad had sold his Daimler Sovereign (that was the really posh version of a Jaguar way back then) and bought a Datsun. He did it so I wouldn’t pester him for the keys, take his precious car then wrap it round a lamppost while showing off to my mates.  To this day I haven’t driven one. It hasn’t scarred my psyche in any way.

Photographing a Jaguar this beautiful eases my pain. A little.

Things got even better when a few weeks later another message appeared asking if I could do some more pictures as “we’ve now got a Mercedes too.”

Car photography is fun. It’s also quite challenging which is a huge part of the fun. To try and add artificial light to a highly polished car and not have it show is tricky but very rewarding when it works. Of course there is also the joy of working with these utterly fabulous luxury cars.

Actually, to be honest, the best bit was spending time with Glenda and Stuart. They are the owners of Skye Luxury Tours. They are lovely people and are excellent, knowledgeable and fun guides.

Skye Luxury Tours


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