Have photos, will post

We Like the Bosville Hotel, they do it right.

I’m not talking about serving food, making guests comfortable and providing a pleasant atmosphere. Rest assured they do do that, it’s a given. Of course they do, they are one of our clients and obviously we only photograph the best of the best.

What I’m talking about, rather abstrusely admittedly, is using our images on social media.

When we photograph somewhere, be it a hotel/house/b&b/Airbnb/restaurant/shop/cafe/castle/business/whatever we don’t just take pictures that show you what the place looks like. No, we go a bit further, we also take pictures that show you the character, the personality, the aspiration of the hotel/house/b&b/Airbnb/restaurant/shop/cafe/castle/business/whatever.

The idea is that we give you the choice of images that can not only populate your website but also fill your social media world with lovely pictures. We create images that can imply much more than they are actually saying. It’s interesting how much we infer from a photograph. A picture can show the corner of a nice couch with a stylish and plump cushion and we instantly think of comfort. Steam rising from a cup on a table, maybe with a scone/cake/biscuit/confection-of-your-choice (go for the scone!) beside it, maybe slightly behind it a little out of focus and you are thinking this is a nice place to sit and have a coffee/tea/hot chocolate/hot-beverage-of-your-choice. Aspiration by suggestion.

When you watch us work and you see us going round doing what you expect a photographer to do don’t be surprised if we  suddenly get down on the floor looking like we are hiding behind the log basket next to a blazing wood burner or leap on a chair to get up close and personal with a shelf filled with carefully chosen bric-a-brac or even crawl on the floor of a bar muttering about the sun needing to come out from behind of that bloody cloud so it will shine nicely through the wine/whisky/gin-and-tonic/beer/ginger-beer-and-lime. It’s okay, relax it’s the ideal Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/the-social-media-platform-of-your-choice shot we are looking for.

So, thank you so much The Bosville Hotel for spending the Christmas period using our photographs on Instagram and a huge THANK YOU to all of our other clients that have also shared our pictures.

The Cabin, luxury holiday house, Sleat, Isle of Skye. Breakfast, fresh coffee and croissantSligachan Hotel Luxury Suite.Skye Serenity Spa, luxury relaxation.
Eilean Sionnach lighthouse keepers cottage. Breakfast in bed, fresh coffee and croissantEilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage, Isle of Skye. Luxury ShowerSheil Lodge, Sheill Bridge Scotland. Vintage books.
Sheil Lodge, Sheilbridge, Scotland. Antique furniture.eilean Sionnach Lighthouse keepers cottage, Isle of Skye.Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse keepers cottage, isle of Skye. Vintage furniture
Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse keepers cottage, Isle of Skye, Multifuel stove, Wood burning stove.Old Post House, Kyle of Lochalsh.Fox Interior Design. Drumbeg, Lochinver, Scotland. Tweed
Fox Interior Design.Skye Luxury Tours, Isle of Skye. Jaguar, XJ6, Luxury car, bespoke tours.McLaren Builders, Isle of Skye. The Otter
Bosville Hotel, Portree, Isle of Skye. Luxury hotel, Skye Weavers, Harris Tweed.Bosville Hotel, Portree, Isle of Skye. Luxury hotel, Skye Weavers, Harris Tweed.Tilda
TildaTildaThistles Skye, Luxury B&B, Sleat, Isle of Skye, Aga range
Thistles Skye, Tweed curtainsMcLaren Builders, raging wood burnerCoruisk House, Elgol, isle of Skye. Wine glasses
Marmalade hotel, portree, Isle of SkyeHat Stand, Isle of Skye. Fur hats, stetsons and caps.Isle of Skye, chair.
Coruisk House, Elgol isle of Skye. Luxury holidays, fine dining and designer fishing floats.Beinn Dearg, luxury holiday home. Fresh fruit.Beinn Dearg, Talisker whisky, stag whisky glasses
Thisteles Skye, luxury B&B, Sleat, Isle of Skye. Luxury breakfast, poached eggsMaryBosville Hotel, Portree. Skye Weavers, Isle of Skye.
Bosville Hotel, Portree, fine dining on Isle of Skye, Harris tweedBosville Hotel, Portree, fine dining on Isle of SkyeGreshornish house Hotel, isle of Skye, isle of Skye, Skye Ale, Skye Whisky.
Greshornish house Hotel, Afternoon tea, tablet,Knoydart hide, BathrobesKnoydart Hide, wellington Boots, wellies
Bracken hide, Portree. Glamping podsUisge lusach gaelic gin, Isle of Skye Scottish ginIsleornsay holiday house
Isleornsay holiday houseOld School House, isle of Skye restoration projectafternoon Tea at Greshornish House, Isle of Skye
Dulse and Brose, fine dinging in Portree Isle of Skye



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