Skye Commercial Photography Terms and Conditions

Skye Commercial Photography Terms and Conditions,

Our terms and conditions are fairly simple.

The copyright of all images created remains with Skye Commercial Photography.

(Click here for the link to the UK government copyright advice webpage.)

The client can use images for the specific promotional purposes that Skye Commercial Photography were employed for –  advertising, on websites, social media, printed promotional material, magazines, blogs and newspapers.

This does not include reproduction in books. We, as the copyright holder, have to give our express permission after a fee has been agreed.

The client cannot resell any of the images.

The client cannot pass the images on to a third party without the express approval of Skye Commercial Photography

Any commercial use of the images must be with the express approval of Skye Commercial Photography.

Until the invoice is paid all images cannot be used or shared in any way without the express permission of Skye Commercial Photography.

All invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt.



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