Skye Commercial Photography is Softly Furnished

Skye Commercial Photography is Softly Furnished

I used to work in some rufty-tufty environments. Places full of excessive testosterone and misplaced machismo. The sort of places where men were constantly over compensating and women were glad they were elsewhere…

Now I work pretty much alone and it’s quite nice. No toxic masculinity or competitiveness. Just me, my camera and lots of nice stuff to photograph. The nearest I get to being toxically masculine is when the client offers tea or coffee and asks if I would like anything in it and I say “milk and two please”

The nature of my work – commercial photography –  helps me come across a great deal of well thought out, well coordinated and carefully selected nice stuff. Lots of it. I am becoming like royalty, my world is spick, span, spotless and very tasteful. Everything shiny, new and just so (I don’t think I have ever turned up to shoot anywhere that could be described as a bit of a burach (that’ll be Gaelic for a mess).

I have found that I have become quite the aficionado of soft furnishings. I walk into a house/ hotel/B&B for the first time and find myself admiring the choice of cushion, bed spread or rug. This is good, this is better than my previous life. There is no terrible patter, offensive banter or awful jokes. My world is filled with what is on trend in window dressing, what’s cool in cushions, the rather welcome move into dried wild-flower displays and how a brave choice in tableware and cutlery can be transformative and take your property to the next level – though I still maintain going a bit left field on glassware can make a huge difference, everyone likes to drink out of a funky tumbler.

It’s the soft furnishings that grab the most attention. Statement cushion really make an impression. They turns heads and are commented on long after the holiday is over and that is important. When you have cool stuff guests take pictures and share them on social media. You get famous and more popular. People lust after your interior decorations, they are desperate to stay at your property. You bask in the glory while being forced to put your prices up to control the demand.

Or something like that, probably you get a very nice review is more realistic…



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