The Old School House Project – Skye Commercial Photography Documents a Renovation.

Three years ago Rosie had a meeting with potential clients. They had bought a house and were keen to document it’s refurbishment. This was the inception of what became one of our favourite projects. Following and photographing the transformation of The Old School House from being semi-derelict to the the beautiful family home it is now.

We first photographed  the house on a cold January morning in 2015. It was empty, sad and bedraggled. The dead foliage around it adding to the unkempt and unloved feel of the property.



We were soon back on site as work started and the tatty interior was ripped out and what was left was consolidated.



The work gathered pace. Every time we arrived there was much progress to be marveled at. Rooms started to take shape and a huge extension was added to the west end of the building. The site was a hive of industry… sort off. I always tried to turn up at morning tea break (you can see in one of the photos below that the guys were ecstatic to have their break interrupted by me and my camera). This gave me a chance to wander round the house without getting in the way too much.

The initial contact had been with Rosie’s but since it  involved ladders, roofs, mud, dirt, dust, noise, hi-vis vests and hard hats it was obviously my task. I loved it. It ticked all my boxes. I was in my element.



All too soon it was the Summer of 2017 and the house was ready. What had once been the chaos of construction was now peace and order. The work completed and the owners moved in. I was conflicted. On one hand I was deeply impressed at the transformation that had taken place but on the other there was some sadness that I wouldn’t be visiting the Old School House project again.


The transformation has been spectacular. What was dowdy and depressing is now stylish, comfortable and very welcoming. I could have written thousands of words about this project. Every image has a story to tell…



BuilderMcLaren Building

ArchitectWittets Architects

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