On an Island

On an island you know everybody so a visit to the shops is a social occasion.

On an island you don’t need satnav – just keep going and you’ll either end up somewhere interesting or back at the point where you started wondering where you were.

On an island single track roads aren’t a big deal. They let you know when it’s tourist season, that’s when you meet a hire car coming the other way and they panic and either drive into you or a ditch.

On an island you don’t find highland cows photogenic.

On an island a visit to Inverness is a big adventure. A visit to a shopping mall is a big deal. Roundabouts and traffic lights are a novelty.

On an island you read the small print on delivery charges very carefully. Adverts that promise “Up to 20mb download speed on your broadband!” make you laugh.

On an island power cuts aren’t a big deal just a part of life.

On an island wellies are more than a fashion statement.

On an island your tractor can be older than your children, sometimes your grandchildren.

On an island midges are a fact of life.

On an island you are never more than a few minutes away from a stunning Hebridean view of the sea.

On an island bad weather is REALLY bad. Good weather is…rare and appreciated.

On an an island is where to be…


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