A Day In The Life of A Village


A  day of planned endeavours stretched out ahead of us. Rosie had weddings to edit, blogs to submit and the washing to do. Such is the life of a famous wedding photographer.

I had a website to build and the washing to hang out. Such is the life of the less famous commercial photographer husband of a famous wedding photographer.

That was the limit of our plans. But wait… we live in a village so plans can change with the knock of a door.

At that point of the morning when children have been shooed onto the bus, dogs walked and we had been sitting at our desks long enough to be wanting to be somewhere else there was indeed a knock at the door.

“Could you come and help round up some sheep?” asked a neighbour.

“Yes” I said as I leapt at the chance to break the chains attaching me to my keyboard. “I certainly could.”


I quickly donned some wellies and  suitably distressed clothing (to be frank most of my clothing can be classed as somewhat distressed) and jumped into our friend’s Land Rover (that makes it sound very agricultural but it was a Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE and my wellies were a Hunter special edition provided by the eponymous company for a photo shoot) and we set off to the other end of the village in hi-tech leathery luxury.

Rosie decided to go to the Co-Op.

After much shouting and waving (mainly jazz hands from me) the sheep were rounded up and penned ready to be sorted. The fit fat ones were to be returned to the croft while the skinnier saggier ones will be having a starring role in a mutton pie near you.

Sheep herding turned to coffee which turned to insulation boards being offered which turned to loading 8 sheets of insulation board into a trailer which then meant we met up with our wives outside our house which led to more coffee with convivial chat and gossip inside our house.


After that the boards were cut to size and taken up to the loft where they would create another days work lining it, the trail of insulation foam sawdust was hoovered up and all of a sudden it was time to welcome our children home from school.  And that is how easily a day slips away from you. Not a thing has been done to the website, the washing languished in the washing machine and I was dirty, dusty and smelled subtly of sheep poo.



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