Skye Commercial Photography Gets Confidential

There are many reasons why you don’t  see all of our pictures. Confidentiality clauses, embargoes, keeping secrets and not spoiling surprises. Pictures are wrapped up and hidden away sometimes for months or years before we can share them. I’ve been sitting on pictures from the rather splendid BBC Alba TV series Bannan for a year now. I was an extra (Can supply own camera so I played a photographer) September 2017 and transmission is September 2018. Other times commercial reasons prevent images being shared publicly. Promotional images of a product not launched yet, a business or property for sale, that sort of stuff.

We do our best but sometimes it’s tricky. When photographing a large well know property in the heart of a local village where many people know me it’s difficult to be inconspicuous.

“Woody, how you doing? What you up too? You’ll be photographing the Lochalsh Hotel. Is it for sale? Who’s it on with? How much for?”


I’m standing in front of the Lochalsh Hotel. Every time I press the shutter button my lights inside the hotel go off creating a mighty flash that lights up the reception, dining room, lounge and bar as I’ve forgotten to switch off the transmitter. Not much hope of wittering about capturing the lovely view on such a sunny day, especially as the view is behind me…

Soon someone else wanders up to chat. Then another and another. Once a few more have been and gone they stop asking what I’m up to and just say.

“So, I hear the Lochalsh is for sale…”

By now I’m confident that confidentiality is right out of the window. Word has got round. Drums are beating and scuttles are butting.



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