Skye Commercial Photography Says It’s All In The Detail

It’s the quirky, the unique, the engaging that we all want to see.

There are, of course certain things that you have to do when photographing a hotel/bed and breakfast/holiday home – rooms, furniture, beds, kitchens and the actual buildings. They are a given and to be expected. However it’s the things that are unique to the property that get the best reaction. Airbnb and may want to have the practicalities documented but it seems most of us like to see what is different about where we are staying.

Implication can be as appealing as documentation. Creating an impression of how wonderful somewhere is can be more effective as compared to trying to capture everything that is great about a property in one photograph. It’s the subtlety of hinting at greatness…

We have a routine when on commercial shoots. We start by going round the building getting the perfect pictures of a bedroom, bathroom, lounge, dining room or bar showing the rooms in their best light then going back round to capture the quirky, the unique and the engaging that caught our attention during the first circuit (we don’t usually photograph them when we see them as we use different lenses lights and settings when photographing rooms compared to when we do detail shots.

Below is a gallery of a few of the things that have created a  stir on the internet.




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